It's a dollhouse obsession!

Now you know I've acquired the Mock Tudor dollhouse last year, and planned on renovating it this year. I have not started on it yet, as it is at a friend's house. He is kindly helping my with a few things I need tools for, which I don't have. Once it returns, I shall start work immediately!

However.... I now seem to attract houses to me like a moth to a flame! haha  I can't stop looking at dollhouses, watching auctions on eBay, etc. And so, during the month of February, I managed to acquire two more houses! One was a birthday gift from my other half, and the other house was given to me by two dear friends, in exchange for some of my paintings. How lucky am I??!! I'm extremely grateful and ecstatic I tell you!

Before I show you the pictures, all serious Miniaturists and Dollhouse collectors might want to look away now! These are not what you would call adult collectors' or period homes. But then, I'm not a collector in that sense of the word. I love dollhouses in ALL shapes, sizes and forms. I don't intend to stick to only period homes or collectors houses. I like variation and I believe everyone should do what makes them happy. For instance, my friend Tina loves period houses. Tudor, Georgian, Victorian. That's her passion and what an amazing collection of gorgeous houses she has. Maybe she will let me share a few pictures of them with you one day.

Me, I tend to like a lot of different styles and designs. Modern, period, retro, French shabby chic, etc.  I still have much to learn though when it comes to miniatures, dollhouses, and especially the renovation process. So I'll probably make lots of mistakes as I go along. But hey, practice makes progress; and by trial and error we learn! As long as we enjoy the process and have fun! I hope you will enjoy the journey with me!

Here are my two new houses. They both need a little (ok, a LOT) of TLC! The first house came with a base which was initially intended for another house, but I plan on making it work with this house! The second one is painted in gloss enamel on the inside, so I guess I'm going to have lovely biceps when I'm finally done with it! There will be loads of sanding and painting before these will see a single piece of furniture. Next time I will show you the interior.


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