Dolls house miniature toy box

Hello everyone!

It's been quite a while since my last post. I hope life is treating you kind and that you are all well. The last few years have been a bit tough on a personal level, but I'm feeling positive and motivated at the moment and praying for a good year. I'm also hoping to start posting regularly again, so fingers crossed, we'll have plenty of mini conversations here at Little Canvas this year!

I'll kick off by sharing a miniature treasure chest I decorated for a club challenge at the end of last year. I turned it into a toy box, painted with images inspired by Riley Blake's Little Red Riding Hood fabric. The plan is to use this fabric in the children's room in one of my dolls houses, so I thought that would be perfect for the toy box. I really enjoyed painting this, so might try my hand at doing more painted furniture in future.

The toy box, in a temporary playroom setting.

The Riley Blake fabric I'll be using. Isn't it gorgeous?


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