Beach huts and a bird house

It's February! After a much needed break and time to recover from a cold I just couldn't shake, I'm finally back to my usual routine. Grabbing the year by the horns so to speak! Hope you are all doing well?

I'm kicking off my first post for the year with just a few photos. Need to ease myself into things at my age you know! hahah

 First up are miniature beach scene paintings, ideal for a doll house. 


Yellow Beach hut

 Red Beach hut

I also have two mini canvasses with easels.

Red beach hut with heart detail

Red and blue beach huts, with mini bunting detail

And I thought I'd share this cute bird house I made at our doll house club meeting. 
I still have to paint it though, will show you once it's done!

That's it for today. Until next time, keep well!


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