Building a mini market stall

We had our first dollhouse club meeting of the year last night. We'll be working on a number of projects this year; and first up are market stalls. We will each create a market stall of our choice throughout the year and the set up a whole market place which will be judged for a prize later on in the year. I'm quite looking forward to this one! I've decided to make mine a haberdashery/fabric stall. I have the necessary items to work with, so that will be best for me. Plus, I like crafty stuff.

We started building the stalls last night - it looked like a construction site! haha
This is mine so far. 

I won a tea set in the raffle. It's my first miniature tea set, 
so yes, I was very excited! This year I'm hoping to finish
 and decorate some of my houses, so it will come in very handy! 


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